Self-healing is mainly described as practices of physical energy movements, mind ordering techniques, and self-administered herbal preparations; combined or engaged separately. Guidance is given in the Knowledge Base to help you determine what actions can best support the need you advise of yourself (or someone else, or for a pet). If you need further guidance, email us at [email protected] with details of health conditions. Your BodyMind is uniquely a unity of physical and non-physical energy; a state of consciousness, and it is designed to self-heal, maintain immunity, and promote both physical and mental good health given environments that enable it. All self-healing practices worthy of the name should meet that criteria.

Allopathic and Veterinary medicine relies on the self-healing nature of the BodyMind to further physical recovery following surgical work, drug therapy, and where appropriate other therapeutic services.

All practises advised in our Knowledge Base have complementary efficacy -in other words, they will not conflict with whatever drugs or practises have been provided by medical authorities.

Where herbal remedies are identified, we will advise you of producers claims, but we do not underwrite them, or do we have any agreement to promote them, and where possible will only identify the type of remedy unconnected from any commercial producer. Where evidence or investigation has taken place and supports the efficacy of a remedy, we will publish it.

Some words of advice!

When you are looking for natural ways to help improve your health. If you believe (or have been advised) your mental and emotional issues can be ‘fixed’ by using mind management techniques alone, do not assume they can entirely overcome the difficulties you are experiencing. Mind and Body are essentially a unity -you can’t treat or affect one without having effect upon the other. The tail does not wag the dog! Our guidance practical’s and recommendations are holistic with the express purpose of treating the BodyMind as a whole.