We begin by asking for your name -and just in case you haven’t read about the data protection we have on this site, be assured your personal information is SAFE! We will then want to know if the distant healing request is for yourself or for someone else, or for a pet. Names are unique and it is the first need a distant healer has -by linking into your name we can begin distant healing. Just because a name maybe common doesn’t mean the healer will connect to thousands of people with the same name -YOU are unique!

Tell us what the health problem is you would like us to help with, and if it’s for someone else, that you have their permission to allow us to send distant healing. You will be assigned a healer, and that person will directly communicate with you, advising when they do the distant healing and asking for feedback on how you are feeling, changes you are experiencing etc. They will ask for a photo -as that helps them focus better. where it’s possible they will invite you to speak with them, and maybe talk on Zoom. Your assigned healer will often ask other healers to join with them to help, but they remain your prime contact.

Feedback from the patient is vitally important to maintaining and strengthening the distant healing connection.

The healer will continue to make the healing link to help so long as you feel the health conditions advised are benefiting from the connection, or until such time the healer feels they have achieved all that is possible to assist and better the health conditions. As the health conditions improve the healer will ask if you would give testimonial to confirm the betterment of health. Testimonials will be published on the Way-of-the-Phoenix website to encourage others to use our services. No personal data identifying you will be published.

At no time will you be asked, or be expected, to subscribe to the healer’s own philosophy or religious views. Distant healing is given irrespective of a person’s religious or philosophical views -and it matters not if a person is an atheist or is agnostic.

Lastly, we will invite you to make a donation to our charity if you feel we have helped you. We give distant healing for FREE, irrespective whether or not the healer is a practising professional. All donations will help us continue to provide healing services. If you live in an area where we can recommend healers who carry out contact healing services, we will advise.

Finally, your healing records will be cached securely and can at anytime be entirely deleted if you request. Our only reason for keeping them is to further assist if in the future you request distant healing again.